Best Gluten free pizza, Kid approved!

Pizza, an American staple…

The best gluten free pizza brands: this one is hard… I have been gluten free for over 5 years now and I can eat something and “tolerate” most textures because it is what it is. BUT my husband just recently found out he is allergic to wheat so even though for 5 years at home he would eat gluten free, if we went to a party or out to eat or ordered pizza he could eat it. Now he can’t and he is really having a hard time with the gluten free pizza, that’s his biggest complaint is that the crust just isn’t right, its not crispy enough for him (kids agree).

  • Daiya: These are found in the freezer area. I like their dairy free cheese, I like that they have a lot of topping options and I thought the crust was alright too. Of all the frozen pre made crusts this was the “least bad” for my husband and kids.
  • Caulipower: Also found in the freezer area, they have plain gluten free pizza crusts and actual pizzas. I have only tried the crust and put my own toppings on it because I don’t eat dairy either. They have multiple flavors and I also didn’t mind the crust, pay attention to box, I cooked mine a little too long the 1st time and burnt it because looking at it, I didn’t think it was done but it was.
  • Other: I have tried box mixes one by Bobs Red Mill but none of them turned out right, most being soggy. I have also tried recipes from scratch and had the same results.
  • Other part 2: There are many gluten free pizza brands I have not tried because I didn’t want to keep spending money on food my family didn’t enjoy.  Here are some other well known brands you might like; Amy’s, Udi’s, DiGiorno’s, Banza and Against the Grain. California Pizza Kitchen also has a frozen gluten free option now, I have not tried it but I have had their gluten free pizza in the restaurant and it was very good.

The best gluten free pizza brand to make at home hasn’t been found yet in my opinion. BUT if you order gluten free pizza take out from Blaze Pizza or a sit down dinner it will not disappoint. We have also had great luck with Mellow mushroom, yum! Both kid and husband approved!

Please feel free to show your experiences with gluten free pizza so I cant try them!


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