Best Gluten free snacks, Kid approved!

Snacks because sometimes you need a snack…

Everyone needs gluten free snack ideas for kids, you could go with the obvious gluten free foods like fruit, nuts or some carrot sticks with humus but let’s be honest, sometimes that’s boring and you want junk food! I have taken some time to write about some of the best tasting gluten free snacks we have tried!

  • Cookies: The 3 main brands we have tried and liked so I will say the best gluten free cookie brands are; Enjoy life, Glutino and LiveGFree. Enjoy life is a great company with other food items as well, they are free from the gluten and the other 14 major food allergens. Their soft baked cookies are the best gluten free dairy free cookies and they have mini cookies too. LiveGfree has a soft baked cookie and they are equally good for less money, flavors include chocolate chip, snicker doodle and double chocolate. Glutino has a chocolate chip cookie, I have not tried them because my store does’t carry them but they have a ‘Oreo’ style cookie and wafers, I have bought them both many times and have a hard time not eating the hole box at once! Oreo now makes a gluten free option, prices are comparable and they taste ‘normal’.
  • Crackers: This one is hard for me, I used to be a Club cracker kind of girl, like eat the hole sleeve in one sitting! So I can’t say I have found a cracker comparable to Club or Ritz. The texture is a lot different and more crisp than regular crackers. There are a lot of different brands and kinds out there to try. I haven’t found a favorite but if I had to chose the best gluten free crackers I suppose it would be the Schar brand. From the Ground up has a cauliflower cheddar cracker comparable to a cheez-it. Good Thins similar to wheat thins are yummy too!
  • Pretzels: There are a lot more pretzels options too and to name some as follows; LiveGFree, Good Health, Snyder, Glutino, and From the Gound Up. If Aldi has LiveGFree I get those, we actually like them better than normal pretzels and the amount of salt is just right, so I would say they are the best gluten free pretzels . Next choice would be Snyder’s, they have different shapes and rods, my kids love the rods, but they do cost more than LiveGFree. LiveGFree and Snyder’s are both gluten free dairy free pretzels. The other brands I named had a weird texture and not enough salt, not kid approved in our house.
  • Granola Bars: This could probably be a main category but I will do my best to simplify! My favorite yet again would be LiveGFree, they have apple caramel, strawberry and coco loco. Our Aldi unfortunately has been out of these for months now so I had to find a replacement for my kids lunches. My kids love the gluten free Kind Granola Bars Dark Chocolate Chunk, also comes in peanut butter chocolate chunk. My husband and I like RXBAR and Luna Bars, both have clean ingredients but the texture if different so the kids won’t eat them. Some other good brands are Annie’s, Enjoy life, Made Good, Bobos and One protein bars.
  • Chips: Most chips are gluten free because they are made of either potatoes or corn. One brand that is not gluten free would be Pringles. There are a few other chips like Sun Chips or multi-grain tortilla chips that are not gluten free. Also, when buying chips be careful if you are getting BBQ flavored potato chips because sometimes there is flour in the flavoring. Good Health® Avocado Oil Kettle Chips (made by Utz) and Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are staples in our house!
  • Other: Nuts and seeds are packed with protein and great naturally gluten free snack just be careful if you are buying trail mix that gluten or wheat are sneaking in some of the mixes! Don’t forget Raisins or other dried fruit are also naturally gluten free!

These are my family favorites that my kids have approved, please feel free to let me know what you have tried and liked or didn’t… There are more and more brands coming our with new flavors and gluten free options to try!


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