Part 2: Best Gluten Free Snacks; Kid Approved!

“I’m hungry,” I hear it all the time with my kids and husband (haha) I’m sure I’m not alone. Everyone needs a quick easy go snack once in a while with our busy lives so I have taken some time to list the new ones my family likes!
We have found all these from ordering our snacks at Thrive Market. Thrive is an online grocery store with a membership, it costs $5 a month (first 30 days free trail, can cancel any time.) You can sign up auto ship for any of your staples and offer a discount on those items, they also offer a percentage back (thrive cash) when buying 3+ of certain items. More often than not they also offer a free gift of your choice and free shipping on orders over $49!

Yummy new (to us) snacks!

Most of these brands can be found at other stores but I found them on thrive, tried them, loved them and continue to buy from Thrive because it is fast, easy, saves money and ships right to my front door!

  • Bobo’s: Oat Bites, Chocolate Chip or Stuffed Oat Bites, Apple Pie. A Non-GMO, Gluten free mini sized muffin that my kids have tried both kinds of these and loved them! They carry a Stuffed Oat Bites, Peanut Butter & Jelly but we have not tried this flavor yet. They are sweet enough kids like them but not filled with junk!
  • Chomp’s: Grass-fed meat sticks that are Non-GMO, gluten free, whole30, zero sugar or soy. Chomps offers beef, turkey and venison with different flavors and 2 sizes (regular chomp, or chomplings (half size.)) My family likes the Original Grass-fed beef sticks, and Original Grass-fed Turkey sticks. Great protein option for on the go!
  • Solely: Organic Non-GMO Fruit jerky, zero added sugar, 1 ingredient (real fruit). One of their pineapple jerky’s is equal to a 1/2 of a pineapple, the mango is equal to 1 mango! Yummy and easy to travel with!
  • From the Ground Up: Cauliflower based snacks (not gross like it sounds.) Their snacks range from chip, crackers, pretzels and puff stocks! We have not tried the chips, the pretzels were okay (kind of dry), the cracker are good and the puff stocks are very yummy! The stocks are similar texture to a cheese puff but less of a fake cheesy taste. Now we get them from thrive every time they are on sale.

What to give Thrive a Try?

Another great thing I really like about Thrive is you can search by diet type for example; organic, gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan, whole30, keto and so on.

Click here to try Thrive for yourself! If you don’t like it before your 30 days is up just contact costumer service to help you cancel your membership and you won’t be charged as long as it is before your 30 days ends.

Aloha Until Next Time


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