Aloha! I am Kat, the founder of A Healthier You and want to Welcome you and share some great tips and products that helped me turn my health around! Do you feel like you don’t know where to start but you know that you need a change? I have been there so many times.


As a kid, teen I was very active in dance and gymnastics. I loved it; eat, sleep dance, tumble and repeat. As I started high school I was so exhausted and sick all the time! So many doctor appointments and tests but very rarely did it show much explanation. I struggled for a long time and as I grew into my young adult years it got worse! I wanted to stay active and busy doing what I loved but my body didn’t agree with it. It seamed like I could sleep forever, but I looked like I wasn’t sleeping. I was run down every day, sick to my stomach and again getting more tests done. At the age of 21 I had to get a colonoscopy done, that is not normal at the age! That was the true start of my health journey. From here I wish I could say it was all up hill but that is not true, although I experienced some breakthroughs I needed to remember the journey is never ending, but always moving forward, improving!

Fast forward a few years, I got married then had a beautiful baby girl! At my 6 week postpartum check up I explained some symptoms I was having, that I have always had but they were more frequent and harder to push off to the side now that I had to use all my energy to take care of someone else, I was overwhelmed with how horrible I felt! My OBGYN did some blood work and turns out I suffer from hypothyroidism and hashimoto’s an auto immune thyroid disease. I was told that I will be on medication for the rest of my life to help control the thyroid levels but there isn’t really a cure. As a new mother who was already exhausted this was very stressful news. I went to the doctor, got medication and was told to come back in 6 months to go over the results from blood work after the medication would be in my system and starting to work. Well it didn’t work, they upped the dose, again waited 6 months. Tried a different brand, again did blood work waited another 6 months. This goes on for almost 3 years! I was so tired of being tired and sick of feeling sick! My daughter did not sleep through the night until she was 2 years old and then to feel like this on top of it!

So many of us put too much trust into our doctors, they do some testing and say things like, “your levels are in normal range” or “come back for a follow up if your symptoms continue or get worse”… WELL I AM HERE NOW BECUASE I HAVE SYMPTOMS! Do they ever get to the root cause? Are they really invested in how you feel, or are they just pushing you out the door to get to the next patient after waiting 45 minutes to see them and only get to talk to them for 5 minutes.

I tried it all; different diets, supplements, vitamins, easier work out programs, taking naps, medication and the list goes on and on. I went to my PCP, the endocrinologist, the functional nutritionist, holistic doctor who fallowed chines medicine, a few chiropractors and then started to read all the book and articles I could. I gained something for each place/person who I saw and started to research for myself. When I did that and became my own advocate for my health is when I finally started to make some progress!

I want to share my story in hopes of helping others!

I can’t say I am a doctor or a miracle worker BUT If my experiences in trial and error can help someone else save 5 years of their life long health journey then this is worth it! So many times a felt alone, misunderstood, helpless or even crazy because I wasn’t getting better! Maybe you don’t feel any of those things and you just want to be healthier, change up your diet and exercise routine or need some new protein powder with great ingredients; I’m here to help with that too! So whatever it is in your health journey you want to improve I’m sure there is something here for you! There are a lot of factors that play into a happier and healthier you to give you a healthier life style!  You are not alone, follow along to take control of a healthier you!


The goal is just that, a healthier version you, The best version of you! With all things revolving around health, wellness and fitness-I want to help you feel and look better, your best! From food products and healthier recipes to books, products, daily routines, gadgets, supplements, work our gear and even prospective; I am here to share it all and help you get on the right road to a positive and productive health journey!

This is a small part of my story and I hope you come back for more. As always you can reach out to me with questions, comments, your story or things that helped you!

Until next time,





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