Best Gluten Free Pasta; Kid Approved!

Who doesn’t love pasta?

The best gluten free past brands: This is another gluten free food that normally tastes just as good but the texture is different. The most important thing that I have noticed when cookie gluten free pasta is to pay attention to how long the box tells you to boil it, if you take it out too soon then they are rubbery, too late then some brands fall apart. As far as ingredients go gluten free pasta is normally made of rice flour, corn flour, quinoa, cavassa flour, amaranth or chickpeas. Here is my gluten free pasta review:

  • Rice pasta: typically made from brown rice flour, some time’s might have another grain ingredient like millet or quinoa.
    • Jovial: this is a good brand with a lot of different kinds of pasta including but not limited to penne, spaghetti, fettuccine, elbows, and more. One thing I really like about this brand is that it is always organic! My kids like it with no complaints but it is not always at our regular grocery store, so I only buy it on occasion.
    • Lotus foods (Rice Romen): is just that, romen like noddles made of rice, good for soup or stir-fry. These boil really fast so pay attention. They make a few different flavors.
    • daiya: This is my kid’s favorite. They have dairy free mac and cheese, white Cheddar and Alfredo, it comes with the pasta and the dairy free cheese sauce. If you want you can buy the cheese sauce separate and use it with a different pasta, which I do sometimes but the daiya pasta with the daiya sauce is what my kids would pick every time if I gave them the choice.
  • Corn flour pasta:
    • Barilla: They claim to be the #1 gluten free pasta out there, any time I have had it I would agree the texture is very good. I do not buy it often thought because the main ingredient is corn, corn isn’t the most healthy food for your gut and it seems to bother my husbands stomach. If I am going to make lasagna then the Barilla Gluten Free Oven-Ready Lasagna is my go to! It cooks just like regular pasta and no one can tell it is gluten free!
  • Chickpea pasta:
    • Banza: this used to be my go to, keep on hand gluten free pasta, the texture is a little more thick for lack of a better word but my kids didn’t complain about it and it is very high in protein! The only reason I stopped buying this brand was because I recently found out that chickpeas(garbanzo beans) are now on my food allergies list.
    • Chickapea: I have not tried this brad but the ingredients seam good, the price is in the middle of the road.
  • Other:
    • LiveGfree: another organic pasta, made of rice and quinoa. This is probably the kind I buy the most because like I have mentioned before LIveGFree is less expensive. It comes in a lager bag, so I can get 2 or 3 meals out of a bag.
    • NOoogles or Wonder Noddles: mostly made of water, definitely a different texture, I didn’t mind them for something new to try but kids didn’t like them because they are kind of slimy. Good low carb alternative.

So after all of that maybe you are still wondering what is the best gluten free pasta? Well my kids would say the best gluten free pasta (taste, texture) is Daiya with the deluxe cheese sauce. Being a mom I would choose the LiveGFree because the price and how much comes in the bag, you get more bang for your buck! Of course there are more gluten free pasta options out there but these are the brands we have tried and liked enough to buy again, happy shopping!

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