Butcherbox Review & Discount Code: Free Chicken!

I LOVE Butcherbox! Free Chicken for a Year & $30 Off!

I personally don’t mind going to the grocery store, it is one ‘chore’ I enjoy. I actually really like walking around the store and seeing what fresh produce is in season and getting new ideas for meals. I actually really like seeing when new products come out, I read labels, compare brands and of course check out any sales that are going on.

BUT… when it comes to the meat and fish selections at the store lately everything is pricey and the choices are very limited! The way we do everything has changed so much over the last year and our food supply does seam to be shrinking. I still buy what I can from the store but I heard about Butcherbox and decided to try it out!

I am so happy that I did! When I 1st signed up I received $30 off my 1st box, 2 lbs of free chicken and 1 lb of free bacon! Wow! That is amazing, a major discount and free food! This is how I got the free bacon; go through the process like you are making an order all the way to fill out your email. Leave your cart, then you will get an email saying something like “looks like you forgot something in your cart (they stalk you like all websites do) and in that email it was an offer for a package of free bacon! So that’s what sold me, why not try it for this month then if I’m not happy just cancel the next one. I would imagine that this ‘special’ email gift offer does change but it’s worth a try.

You do need to sign up for a membership subscription where they ship the box directly to your house (who doesn’t love that!). There are 4 choices for shipments every 2,4,6, or 8 weeks. I went with 6 weeks, you can change, delay your order or cancel at any time.

Next decision is what kind box you do you, chicken, beef, pork, sea food, a mix or custom. I went with custom; getting chicken, a roast, shrimp, scallops, salmon and salmon patties. We tried all of it and very happy with the quality of food. The Salmon patties are my favorite!

Lastly how big do you want your box to be? For me the classic was enough but if you want more then go for the big box! Now the classic isn’t enough for every meal for the next 6 weeks it was just nice to know I had some stuff in the freezer at home and don’t have to panic every time I go to the store to find something for dinner.

About the goods:

  • The chicken: Free-range organic
  • The beef: 100% grass-fed and grass-finished
  • The pork: Raised crate-free
  • The seafood: Wild-caught
  • The box: 100% recyclable
  • The meat is frozen for freshness
  • Cuts are sealed and packaged for easy defrosting

Other great reasons to shop with Butcherbox:

  • Free Chicken Breast for a Year
  • Less time at the store
  • Chef-crafted recipes and kitchen tips
  • Thoughtfully sourced meat delivered to your door
  • Member only discounts and offers
  • The option to customize your box
  • Shipping is always free
  • Average cost is $6 per meal
  • Each box has 8–12 lbs of meat
  • Easy to change, delay or cancel any time

If you haven’t tried it yet then head on over to the easiest shopping site Click here and check it out for yourself! At least try it once to get some delicious free chicken breast!


Free New York Strips and Lobster*

Bring the steakhouse to your house with New York strips and lobster FREE in your first order.

  • Two, 10 oz New York strip steaks
  • 8 oz of lobster claw and knuckle meat
  • Exquisite eats made oh-so easy*8 oz cold cracked lobster and 2 NY strip steaks free in first box. Offer valid for new members only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer not valid on prior purchases, gift cards, gift certificates. Good only in contiguous U.S. Offer valid until 10/16/22 or while supplies last. ButcherBox reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time in its sole discretion and substitute another promotion in its place.

Aloha and enjoy the good eats,


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