How to start living a healthy life, Start now!

Becoming a healthier you start by taking the steps to living a healthy life style! For some people they want it so bad and have that drive or even grew up that way so it is second nature, but not everyone grew up that way or wants to put in the effort but maybe you need to because you have an illness… That’s how it started for me, I thought I was eating healthy but it wasn’t right for my body. I am here to pass on some insight to anyone who might feel stuck or that that need to make a big change to really improve their life and start living a healthy lifestyle! Make some little changes here and there, you will see a big difference. I am going to break it down to a few different easy steps, of course I didn’t do this all at once, that would be overwhelming for anyone so do what you can when you can and you will see and feel the change happening!

Get your body moving:

Everyone knows tells you exercise is essential for a healthy life but it’s not just in a physical aspect. The more you move your body the better you feel. Exorcising, working out or even just going for a walk all release chemicals in your body called endorphins and serotonin the happy hormone. Both endorphins and serotonin together make you feel happy while reducing anxiety, negative feelings, and even help eliminate pain. Not everyone is going to be a marathon runner or a body builder, I am just saying move every day, walk stretch, run on the treat mill, do some push-ups; doing something is better than doing nothing. Siting all day every day at work is bad for your posture, bad for your heart, lungs, and the soul. The more you move the more happy you become and when you feel happy your body has fewer stressors and ultimately you become healthier!

Get outside:

Do you ever notice on rainy days you feel lazy, tired, run down and even sad? I know I do, That is because when we have beautiful sunny days we feel better, our body is taking in the natural Vitamin D from the sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is more common than you might think, more than 40% of adults in the United States have low vitamin D. Getting outside everyday might not be realistic for everyone but any chance you get take advantage of it. Sit down for 15 minutes read, relax, listen to nature, or go for short walk, take time to stop and smell the flowers! If you start doing this you will definitely start to feel better! But for some people that might not be enough for example where I live we really don’t have much sun, it is very gray most of the time so I take 20,000 units of Vitamin D every day; 10,000 in the morning with breakfast and 10,000 with dinner. If you often feel tired chances are you need more sun in your life!

You are what you eat:

What you put into your body has a HUGE impact on everything your body does or doesn’t do for you. I will go more into detail about this on a separate post but want to touch on some basics while we are here. Gut health is the number 1 thing you can do to fix almost anything that is going wrong with your body and the way you do that is by what your put into your body. Now don’t get confused with what I am talking about and dieting, this is not about a diet this is about a healthier life style change. You need you be consistent, many people have food allergies they don’t even know about. Just because you think a salad is healthy it might not be for you, maybe you have one every day for lunch but what if you are allergic to lettuce or spinach that is in your daily lunch. When we eat things like that it causes inflammation in our gut which ends up effecting everything! Also, sugar, gluten(wheat) and dairy are the 3 biggest inflammatory foods and most Americans eat foods with all 3 multiple times a day!

The choice is yours:

If you take anything from this post, just one thing make it be that last sentence… Sugar is the worst thing for your body if you want to start a healthier life then try going sugar free for one week to start (longer if you can) and you will be glad you did! There a many factors that effect the human body, we are complex individuals and everyone is different but those 3 topics I talked about are hands down great starting options for anyone ready to start living a healthier life! So get outside see the sun, move your body and fuel it right!

As always I am open to hearing from all of you!

Comments, questions, stories; drop them below!

Until next time,

Aloha Kat

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