Stationary bike workout for weight loss

I am sure by now you have heard of the Peloton bike, it has become quite popular as well with tons of other brands! We all know we need to keep moving to have a health body and life but in the winter months it can be hard to stay motivated. Luckily with technology it has become much easier to exorcise at home now. A great option for a lot of people would be a fitness or stationary bike; an old piece of gym equipment with new ideas! Most fitness bikes now come with a screen so you can log into a class, often live and cycle like you are at a gym in spin class!

Stationary bike workout for weight loss

Exercise bikes are good for weight loss because they are a really effective way to burn calories which in turn burns body fat. Cycling is a cardiovascular aerobic activity that has added benefits such as strengthening your heart and lungs getting your heart pumping! Biking boosts cardio fitness but in a low-impact way, strengthening legs and lower body muscles.

Another great way to burn calories with a fitness bike for weight loss is to use interval training or HIIT (high intensity interval training) but on a bike, ride hard for X amount of time than take it easy, repeat, it will get your heart rate to spike. HIIT workouts are very popular because they’re extremely effective for weight loss, not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout than with steady cardio, but the effect of all that intense exertion keeps your body working long after you’re done with your exercise throughout the entire day.

Stationary bike vs elliptical

The elliptical and the stationary bike provide a good deal of similar fitness & health benefits. When used at high-intensity, a stationary bike burns slightly more calories than the elliptical, potentially making it a better choice for those trying to lose weight. On the other and the elliptical has arm handles to provide a complete workout which helps strengthen both your upper and lower body. Elliptical machines do allow you to burn a high number of calories, though you’ll probably have to work out longer and harder in order to burn the same number of calories as you would with a stationary bike.

A bike allows you to improve your endurance and help you to burn a high number of calories during your workout. Using an indoor bike is also great for those who are looking for an intense workout while protecting their joints. The elliptical is significantly less of an impact than a treadmill would be but the bike is even more so than the elliptical. Being seated on the bike causes less impact but also limits your workout to be focused on just your lower body.

In my personal experience with both the stationary bike vs the elliptical I need to actively remember to engage my core. It is really important to do so on the bike for stability and to keep yourself from rocking side to side in your hips but also to protect your back! With the elliptical keeping your core tight will help with balance as the motion you move your legs is not the same as walking on the ground. Using your core in all activities is safer and more effective.

Do you have a limited amount of space? If so a fitness bike is probably a better fit for your being a smaller exorcise machine that will give you plenty of benefits.

Fitness bikes with classes

Since the at home cycling has become more popular of course more classes have become available, naming a few:

  • Peleton has a subscription option for their app with the live classes they offer. (30 day free trail, after $39 a month)
  • Beachbody offers a MXY bike that pairs with their live Bodi classes, you can find out all the info about their program and bike here.
  • Nordic offers ifit live classes with the first year being free. After that, it would cost you $39 a month or $33 if prepaid annually.
  • Bowflex uses JRNY software and service, offering a mix of trainer-led and virtual-coach classes (though only recorded ones, nothing live), scenic virtual rides, streaming radio stations and so on. You could also log in to streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus. JRNY even supports syncing ride data with other cycling apps, like Peloton and Zwift, on your phone or tablet!

Best fitness bikes with screens

Best smart bike: Peloton +. Peloton is top of the line but that being said you know it comes with a high price as well.

Best core workout: Bowflex VeloCore, A practical bike for everyone that actually lets you lean side to side. The whole bike chassis can unlock to swing left and right, which makes the biking experience feel much more realistic when you’re up in the saddle and pedaling hard!

Best value: ProForm Studio Bike Pro, Pay $39 a month for an iFit subscription and the bike is yours for free. You have to keep that subscription for three years, but that brings your total out-of-pocket cost to right around $1,400. That’s what you’d pay up front for a lot of bikes and then you’d still be paying a monthly fee on top.

Best outdoors simulation: NordicTrack S15i, this bike uses a mechanical shaft to simulate the inclines and declines of actual bike riding, so that when you’re pedaling a virtual hill, it feels more like a hill

Best big screen: MYX II, takes up less space in your home than most other bikes with a screen attached to them and functionality is the way it can pivot all the way around.

Best bike with BYO screen: Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX3, If you want something close to the Peloton indoor bike experience without the price, look in to Echelon! (amazon choice)

Back to the basics

We all know the benefits of an active lifestyle, the more we move the better we feel! The better we feel the more we want to keep going. The short answer is yes stationary home fitness cycling bikes are definitely great for weight loss! What bike is best for me might not be best for you but what’s best for weight loss is torching calories! No matter what fitness bike you pick you will be able to burn just a many calories as any other bike.

Feel free to comment about your home bike experiences!



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