Thanksgiving Brussels Sprouts

As a kid you could never talk me into eating brussels sprouts but now I love them! In our house we tend to have them about every other week all year long but this time of year they seam extra yummy! I thought with thanksgiving right around the corner I would put together my go to recipe for making delicious oven roasted brussels that even kids will like! (I will be making them for one of our thanksgiving meals!)

What you need:

2 bags of 16 oz. Brussels sprouts (I get mine from Aldi)

1 1/4 table spoons of oil (I use whatever I have, olive, grape seed or avocado)

2 table spoons of balsamic vinaigrette

2 table spoons of 100% maple syrup (or honey)

onion powder

*optional 1/2 lb of apple wood smoked bacon

parchment paper

aluminum foil

cookie sheet

How to make them:

1. Pre heat oven to convect bake at 375* *if adding bacon, lay your pieces of bacon flat on foil on a cookie sheet and put in oven to precook. Once you start to smell the bacon that means it is ready, make sure to take it out still ‘soft’ and not crunchy because it will go back in with the Brussels.

2.cut off the brown rough looking ends from the brussels and chop them in half or fourths depending on the size. (you want them to be bite size)

3. Take bacon out of the oven and let cool if using it. put all the brussels in a gallon Ziploc bag or large Tupperware container with lid.

4. Pour in the oil, balsamic and syrup. Zip up the bag and shake it! (your kids might think this part is fun!)

5. Line your cookie sheet with parchment paper and dump the brussel from the bag onto the paper. Sprinkle with onion powder. Once the bacon is cooled enough to touch it cut it into small pieces and toss on top of the Brussels.

6. Bake at 375 for roughly 25 minutes until golden brown and able to easily poke with your fork. If you like them a bit crunchy you can put on broil for just a minute. (josh likes them that way.)

7. Enjoy!

*When you check them around 25 minutes if they seam dry you could give them a spray of oil.

Let me know if you try them! Hope you have a great thanksgiving!



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