The Best gluten free Bread, kid approved!

Bread, buns, rolls, beagles, and wraps oh my!

The Best gluten free bread brands; gluten free bread has a different texture, it is not as soft and does fall apart more easily. We don’t use bread every day for sandwiches because it can be expensive. I do have a loaf on hand in case we want toast or grilled cheese (kids) once the bread is toasted or grilled there are no issues with crumbling and tastes great! Here are some brands we have tried and what we think!

  • LiveGfree (Aldi brand): least expensive and we normally have on hand for toast/grilled cheese but would not recommend if you want it for PB&J or sandwiches because It tends to be dry. They offer white and whole grain.
  • Canyon Bakehouse: most expensive and my favorite! I will splurge once in a while, this brand can be found in the freezer section at your regular grocery store. If I know I will be using most of it all in a day or 2 I will let it thaw the morning of. If I am only going to make one sandwich I will only take out the 2 slices I need so the rest stay fresh in the freezer. They make white, 7 grain, multigrain and more.
  • Udi’s: middle of the road for price and my 2nd choice so we do buy it more often than the canyon bakehouse because it cost less. This brand is also found in the freezer section, I have noticed it is OK to open and leave in the fridge for a few days rather than freezing. The kids like the delicious soft white for PB&J. They also have 7 seed and grains, raisin, sprouted artisan, flax and more.
  • Schar: price is close to the same as canyon bakehouse but I don’t think it tastes as good. My kids weren’t really a fan either. The only time I really buy this is for thanksgiving to make stuffing, I have found it’s a great texture and doesn’t dry out!

So what is the best gluten free bread brand? I suppose it depends on what you are using it for, I would say for making daily sandwiches the best bang for your buck that tastes good would be Udi’s. If you were Just toasting I would definitely save a few dollars and go with LiveGFree. Of course there are more brands out there but these are the best ones I have found on a regular basis that are easy to find at most grocery stores.

  • Buns, rolls, beagles: like gluten free bread, buns are a different texture than normal buns. There are fewer options than bread but they are still out there! Schar has the most variety hamburger buns, rolls, beagles but not all stores have all the items! When Aldi has LiveGfree buns and beagles I get them and freeze them to save because they don’t have them often. In the summer we eat a lot of burgers so if my freeze stash is empty then Udi’s gluten free buns are my go to!
    Cauliflower thins were interesting to try to make a little sandwich, they are very small, not worth the price in my opinion.
  • Wraps: could be a more involved category than bread, they make wraps out of anything now! I have tried a lot! Some come in the freezer, some in the fridge section and some on the shelves.
    • Mission Taco Size Gluten Free Tortillas: these are my favorite! I use them for tacos and wraps, they are soft like a normal flour tortilla you can’t tell they are gluten free! I find them at wegmans on the shelves by the other taco mixes and shells. They also come in spinach.
    • LiveGfree: these would be my next choice, they have plain white or spinach. When I buy these I normally use them for quesadillas, they are not as soft and do great when heated up!
    • Siete: these are found in the freezer section there are almond flour, cavassa flour or coconut flour options. These taste good but I had issues with them falling apart, I have tried a few times so they are not my favorite because of that.
    • Other: you could use a traditional corn tortilla! Coconut wraps worked fine but the kids didn’t care for the texture so I didn’t buy them again. Crepini egg wraps were also different but I liked them for a morning egg wrap or a crepe! Cauliflower thins and crepini are found in the refrigerated section.

The best gluten free wraps for wraps, tacos and kids that taste normal would be the mission tortillas, hands down!

If you have any gluten free brands of bread, buns or wraps not on the list that you love please feel free to leave a comment and share with others!


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